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                Suzhou JoTyLong Tooling Co.,LTD
                Add:1429 Cangzhong Road, Mudu Town, Wuzhong Park, Suzhou City, Jiangsu Province, China.Postal No.: 215101
                Tel: Fax: +86-(0)512-6693-0256
                E-mail: market@jotylong.com
                Founded in 2010, Suzhou JoTylong Tooling Co.,LTD is located at Mudu Town which is a? beautiful scenery and an ancient town with a history of 2500 years. JoTyLong has two factories with a total area of 6000㎡, the first factory is specialized in designing and manufacturing small?and medium?precise molds, the second factory is expert in designing and manufacturing medium and huge molds. JoTyLong has precise processing equipments, professional measurement machines, huge clamping machines and different sizes of plastic injection machines. We use professional ERP and OA system softwares? for management and CAD/CAE/CAM for mould design and manufacturing process. The technologies we are well-capable of using are hot runner technology, mold flow analysis, gas assist injection, IMD and INS, 2 shots(2K), allowance for excessive warp solution, which are broadly applied in manufacturing molds for domestic and foreign customers. We have obtained ISO9001/2008 certification, and became FAW-VOLKSWAGEN authorized mold supplier. We feel honored to be an excellent supplier awarded by FAW-VOLKSWAGEN in 2014, as well as a qualified supplier approved by many global famous companies, such as MAGNA , BOSCH, PHILIPS, HILTI, and so on. We will hold the attitude of “sincere cooperation" and the spirit of “ perfection ", starting from the details, and continuously make ?improvement and exceed customers’ expectations.......[More]
                Join:Let those who wish to mold industry fought together elite, professional division of labor, close cooperation;
                Type:We will become a model of mold industry, a leader;
                Long:Only if we insist on ideals, pursue innovation, continuous improvement, to customers, employees, shareholders, to create a steady stream of value;